If you’re ready to start making coffee at home with something a little fancier than a Mr. Coffee, you should try one of these methods.

Special Equipment List

french press



Shopping List

  • Coffee - coarse ground for french press, finer ground for Chemex and AeroPress


French Press Coffee

  1. Grind coffee beans to a coarse texture, similar to kosher salt. Remember that it’s a 1:12 ratio, so for every 1 gram of coffee you use, use 12 grams of water.

  2. Add ground coffee to the french press. Heat water to 200°F (just before boiling) and pour over the grounds. Make sure that the grounds and water are well combined.

  3. Let the grounds soak for 4 minutes before pushing down the plunger. Pour and serve!

Chemex Coffee

  1. Put the filter into your Chemex, making a cone with 3 layers on one side and 1 layer on the other side. Align the side with 3 layers with the side of the Chemex with the spout.

  2. Pour hot water onto the filter and into the Chemex to preheat the Chemex and also moisten the filter.

  3. Grind coffee beans to a fine texture. You want 37 grams of coffee for 500 grams of water.

  4. Add ground coffee to the filter. Pour the first 250 grams of 200°F water on top of the grounds. Wait until it drains and then add the second 250 grams of water.

  5. Once the water has gone through the grounds, remove the filter. Pour and serve!

AeroPress Coffee

  1. Caution: the AeroPress method is much easier to follow by watching the video above!

  2. Wet the AeroPress filter and then place in the filter holder and screw into place.

  3. Grind your coffee to a fine texture and heat your water to 200°F. You should have twice as much water than you do grounds (i.e. for 15 grams coffee, 30 grams of water). Put the coffee grounds into the AeroPress chamber.

  4. Then pour water into the AeroPress. Let it steep for 20-40 seconds.

  5. Flip the entire AeroPress over onto the coffee mug and push the plunger down until you have pushed all the air out.

Emilija Saxe